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Alex Lopiccolo a/k/a Mr. Alex is an experienced Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant. Alex is well known as The King of Swings. When he is not treating as a full time Sensory Integration Therapy practitioner he travels around the world sharing his knowledge of sensorimotor therapy with Pediatric Therapists and students at pediatric clinics and universities. Alex also works with the leading Sensory Therapy company, Southpaw Enterprises. He especially enjoys designing home sensory gyms in family rooms, solariums, bedrooms and basements so children and parents can have frequent movement and relaxation breaks throughout the day.


Growing up in Michigan, Alex struggled with Sensory Processing Disorder himself. The strategies that he developed, along with a strong calling to help others, inspired the fun and therapeutic approach he has been using with his clients for over ten years.


Alex, his wife, and two children live in Gig Harbor, WA after relocating from Denver, CO. His favorite activities are spending time with his two children being ninjas in his home sensory spaces, traveling with his wife and exploring new foods, disc golf, feeding his ducks, chilling with his cats, canicross barefoot with his dog Optimus Prime and exploring the Pacific Northwest.


We are so glad that we decided to get a home gym. Alex did an amazing job looking at our space to fit our kids development space and interests. Now we have a space for the whole family to learn new movements, get stronger and play together. This gives the space a breath of new life and ads extra challenges and excitement for everyone. This is one of the best decisions we have made for our family and we are getting more use out of this room in our house than any other. The additional family time that we have gained has made it well worth it and we are so happy wit the outcome. Plus, it is just incredibly cool!

Trina, Mother of Lucas

If you are looking for one of the best sensory course around that is full of takeaway, practical treatment strategies, consider Sensory Digest's #KingOfSwings. Alex Lopiccolo rocks!!!!

The Inspired Treehouse

I would highly recommend working with Alex to setup your sensory motor room. He answered all of my questions and was accessible. He custom designed my first OT motor room, and designed the frame for the swing structure. Alex also provided a list of supplies that were reasonably priced and he also provided so many treatment activities.


Rose-Stella, OTR

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