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The #KingOfSwings Sensorimotor Workshop & Webinar

1 or 2 Day Hands On Workshop in your Clinic's Sensory Gym


2-Day (4 Hours Each) Interactive Webinar 

Environment Design

Each gym design is equipped with multiple options of lycra swings, crash pads, suspension and surface to cater to specific need or request.

Pediatric Therapy
Clinic Design


Universal sensory gym design to meet the sensory needs for all your clients.

Home Sensory
Gym Design

Innovative systems custom built for any space in your home.


Home Sensory Gym Designs

Services Home Sensory Gym Designs

1. Send pictures of space(s) from all angles including ceiling

2. Send blueprint with details in room(s) and measurements

3. FREE phone consultation.

4. Down payment to start design

5. Universal sensory gym design begins

6. Collaborate with your child's current OTs

7. Client chooses equipment and layout

8. Install process online or in person

9. Home programming/sensory diet





Course Description: 

Alex offers practical ideas using suspended and non suspended equipment to create powerful sensorimotor interventions that can be readily implemented in the therapy clinic, home or school environment. Hands-on interventions to support breath, coordination, timing, balance and strength will be presented. Modifications, adaptations and grading of activities will be addressed to support best possible outcomes.


Ideas for better engagement of the child will be addressed as well as discussion of ways to facilitate “play” for a stronger therapist-child relationship. This dynamic workshop will support participants through hands-on learning as they experience the activities in their own bodies. Lastly, Alex will provide tools for therapists to create some DIY sensory diet equipment at a minimal cost. Live demonstrations with a child on both days (international only)!

Learning Objectives:
By the end of this program learners will be able to:

  1. Understand the importance of vestibular, proprioceptive, tactile and vision occluded integration as it relates to postural development, balance and physical development

  2. Participate in and generate ideas and activities that support sensory development

  3. List sensory motor interventions that children can readily take back into the classroom

  4. Create effective sensory diets using minimal equipment that can be implemented in school and home environments

  5. Develop creative opportunities to facilitate agility, motor control, balance and upper/lower extremity coordination through play

Who Can Participate:
Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants, Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants, special physical educators. Also, senior year students of the aforementioned professions. Basic knowledge of the theory and practice of sensory integration is useful (previous training in sensory integration theory and practice is not required).


Therapy clinic designs

1. Send pictures of space(s) from all angles including ceiling
2. Send blueprint with details in room(s) and measurements
3. Send ideas of your vision of space
4. FREE phone consultation
5. Down payment to start design
6. Therapy clinic design begins
7. Collaborate with owners and contractors
8. Owner chooses equipment options

and layout according to budget
9. Install process online or in person
**Recommended to combine with a #KingOfSwings workshop or webinar for a bundle deal**



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